Why Do We Have The HOA?

We sometimes get asked, "Why do we have to have an association and annual dues?"

The HOA mainly exists to maintain the storm water management system that resides on the shared common areas we collectively own.

The rainwater from all homes in Lilly Creek Highland flows into our storm water basins and ponds. We must maintain that storm water management system as per the agreements and restrictions tied to the deeds of our homes/properties. For storm water management, the village works with MMSD and the DNR, who own the overall storm water management plan for the state. That plan ultimately aligns to federal EPA rules like the EPA 1972 Clean Water Act.

Historically, the village maintained all aspects of storm water management. A change was made to "outsource" maintenance of portions of the storm water system to anyone owning property that contained a portion of the storm water system. This includes businesses like Harley-Davidson and homeowner's associations like ours. More information can be found  on the villages website on this page: https://www.menomonee-falls.org/119/Stormwater-Inspection.

Our storm water system consists of 5 stormwater basins(ponds) and a wetland area. The Village of Menomonee Falls & our HOA ensure the storm water system is in compliance with the original design via inspections(required by the village every 5 years). We do those inspections and are responsible for any follow up repairs to keep our storm water system in compliance with the original design. Collectively, we own a wetland and 5 stormwater ponds(SWP’s). The SWP’s consist of 2 large ponds and 3 small ponds.

A map of our storm water basins is available on the HOA website: https://www.lillycreekhighlandshoa.com/p/Critical-Documents

In addition to maintenance of common areas, the HOA enforces the rules and restrictions laid out in the covenants of our HOA.